Family Resources

Northshore schools are very diverse. Our students speak more than 100 languages and represent different cultural backgrounds, life experiences, and income levels. Our diversity is one of our strengths, creating a vibrant and global Northshore community.

Students coming from different backgrounds bring with them unique strengths, but they may also face barriers navigating public education and gaining access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

We are deeply committed to the academic success of all students and believe that families are a child’s first and most important advocate and teacher. Northshore can’t ensure the success of all students without partnering authentically with families.

In response, the Family Engagement and Resource Center staff support and advocate for our diverse families, especially immigrant families who are new to the U.S. education system, multilingual families learning English, and families that have faced and continue to face oppression in public schools. The Center provides families with various resources that are essential for the success of their children in school and beyond.

The Family Engagement and Resource Center is located at the Northshore District Administrative Center where families are provided with resources and/or directed to the providers of various services by local non-profits, cities, counties, and the state agencies.

The Center’s staff and the school-based family engagement specialists work closely with all Northshore schools to support their families in need.