TMS PTSA 6.10.68

Board of Directors

Executive Board - Elected Officers


Elizabeth Rampson



Audrey Kozel



 Julie Beard


Board of Directors - Appointed Positions


Family & Community Engagement:  


MembershipAllison Torgesen 

Grants: Rachel Tarr 

Fundraising: Becky Cotter

Communications: Robyn Nazar

Special Needs Liaison: Denise Need 

Committee Chairs

Staff Appreciation: Team

Emergency Prep:

Newsletter: Robyn Nazar

Website: Allison Torgesen

Community Serve Day: Defne Crow

Northshore Schools Foundation Rep: Denise Need

Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Tarr

8th Grade Event: Allison Torgesen & Becky Cotter

7th Grade Event: Audrey Kozel

6th Grade Event: Christie Fankhauser

Taste of Timbercrest: Tanya and Juliet O'Rourke

Movie Night: Beth Rampson

Reflections: Buffy Anson


Nominating Committee #1: Becky Cotter

Nominating Committee #2:

Nominating Committee #3:


Financial Review #1: Kim Roemer

Financial Review #2: Denise Need

Financial Review #3:

Financial Review At-Large:


Awards Committee #1:

Awards Committee #2:

If you are interested or have questions about an OPEN position, please email