PTA Award Winners

We are very pleased to announce our Timbercrest Middle Schools 2019-2020 PTSA award winners to 3 amazing recipients from our Timbercrest community!

Outstanding Advocate:    Mr. Tyler Bowers

The Outstanding Advocate Award was established to recognize an individual for his or her advocacy and commitment in helping to create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety and education of our youth. This years Outstanding Advocate awards goes to a teacher who has gone above and beyond in enhancing the lives of our students here at Timbercrest Middle School.  He is an advocate both in his classroom role as well as his afterschool homework advisory role.   He works hard to help students succeed, gives his extra time for coding clubs, and helps with all levels of homework for those students needing his help and guidance.  One student wrote “in addition to CAD, Robotics and Coding, he also has Coding for Girls after school program and the after school study help for anyone that needs help in any subject.” And another said “he is always available to help anyone who needs help”. 


Golden Acorn: Mr. Craig Lemke
The Golden Acorn Award is presented to a school or community volunteer in recognition of her or his dedication and service to our youth. 
This years Golden Acord Award winner was nominated for his volunteer work with the Timbercrest Robotics Club.  Our winner has taken the time to teach students in the club how to build ROV’s through various concepts and techniques.  He has dedicated his attention to helping our students work together to better understand the complex world of robotics.  To quote a student, “he helped educate the students not only on Robotics stuff, but also on wiring and soldering“ and another quote “this can help the community because there is now a smarter generation of kids than there otherwise would be.”     We are pleased to recognize Mr. Lemke for his tireless volunteer work with the TMS Robotics Club and present him with this years Golden Acorn Award.  Our warmest thank you for helping our students succeed in learning while having fun!


Outstanding Educator:   Mrs. Paula Cautrell

The Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions in their community to enhance the educational outcomes of all children or youth. Our Timbercrest Middle School Outstanding Educator Award winner was nominated for her commitment and follow through to all of her students at Timbercrest.  We want to recognize and thank her for all of the little things she does to make English fun, including hands on teamwork projects during zoom calls, expanding the students scope and interest of English class, and her overall grace.  One student shared “She gives us plenty of learning opportunity’s”, while another exclaimed “she has done the impossible and made English fun!”.  Now that’s outstanding for sure!   This year we are honored to present Mrs. Cautrell as our Timbercrest Middle School’s Outstanding Educator.  We thank you for your amazing contributions!


Thank you so much for all you have done for Timbercrest!

Past Outstanding Educator Recipients:

2018 - 2019 Christina Griffin

2017 - 2018  Malisa Spencer
2016 - 2017  Debbie Martens
2015 - 2016  William Davis & Heidi Larabee
2014 - 2015  Debbie Martens & Adrian VanderVeen
2013 - 2014  Breanna Clouse & Kim Matthews
2012 - 2013  Chad Steinbaugh
2011 - 2012  Tim Freeburg
2010 - 2011  Audee Gregor
2009 - 2010  Amy Leslie
2008 - 2009 Kristi Hannigan
2007 - 2008  Tim Hagerman & Teresa Jensen
2006 - 2007  Debbie Martens
2005 - 2006  Robert Dingle & William Thach
2004 - 2005  Jim Smith
2003 - 2004  Josh Sanchez
2002 - 2003  Josh Wood & Nancy Hovan
2001 - 2002  Leonard Hansen
2000 - 2001  Ann Parrish

Past Golden Acorn Recipients:
2018 - 2019  Melissa Johnson
2017 - 2018  Kelly Locke
2016 - 2017  Nanette Bamesberger, Kelli Hildebrand, & Joan Glenn
2015 - 2016  Elizabeth Epley
2014 - 2015  Kristina Schmidt
2013 - 2014  Cindy Powell
2012 - 2013  Julie Knox & Sherry Rudolph
2011 - 2012  Mary Green
2010 -  2011  Leslie Kelley
2009 - 2010  Paula Ostlund
2008 - 2009  Pat Atkinson & Margaret Folsom
2007 - 2008  Karen Van Til & Karen Schirmer
2006 - 2007  Kat Mattison
2005 - 2006  David Harry & Linda Gleadle
2004 - 2005  Bobbi Boyce & Cindy Powell
2003 - 2004  Deborah Weidner & Sherry Wysong
2002 - 2003  Amy McLauchlan & Lawson Sebris
2001 - 2002  Carol Harrison
2000 - 2001  Jackie Devich & Myriam Husemann
1999 - 2000  Joann Ullstrom & Patti Guarino
1998 - 1999  Lisa Brennan, Kathy Osborn & Cindy Widmaier
1997 - 1998  Liz McVey & Kathy Craig
1997 - 1998  Deb Crawford & Susie Hino

Past Outstanding Advocate Recipients:
2018 - 2019   Ashely Lovern
2017 - 2018  Jay Stookey
2016 - 2017  Brigitte Wheeler